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    Studio B Yoga and More in partnership with Chilliwack Restorative Justice & Youth Advocacy Association are offering a free program for youth in Chilliwack. Round #5 is for 13-15 year old boys and girls.

    Purpose || Engage and empower youth in learning sessions and activities focused on leading a balanced, mindful and healthy lifestyle. We have incorporated the foundations and values of yoga with life skills to create an 8 week series.

    How || Two Yoga Teachers and one Restorative Practice Facilitator who will lead the group of 15 through the series. Starting in week one and alternating weeks thereafter, the youth will learn the basic values and practice of yoga. Starting in week 2 and alternating thereafter, the group will learn a variety of life skills such as nutrition, balance, respect, honesty, integrity, and discipline. Every Monday will include a healthy snack, discussion and journalling time in a neutral and safe environment surrounded by a passionate and enthusiastic team!

    Benefits || To engage, educate and empower youth to continue to explore their interests. To create new connections with participants, teachers and the community. To build a self-awareness and encourage a healthy mind and body.

    Details || Monday’s beginning January 15th through March 12th (excluding Family Day on Feb. 12th) the group will meet at Studio B Yoga in Garrison Village at 3:45pm-5:15pm.

    All snacks, tools, and costs are covered by the program.

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    Chilliwack Restorative Justice

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