These are the true testimonials of participants in one or more of our programs and services.

Please note, due to confidentiality reasons, we will never use client names.

“I have always enjoyed the art of graffiti.  I found it very interesting and it intrigues me.  I started to follow graffiti artists on the internet, buying books on it, and drawing for hours in my bedroom. It led me to get involved with others that also found this as amazing as I did.

Sadly, instead of keeping it on paper and as an art, I was involved in defacing a building, which I deeply regret. I paid the price to correct my ways and thanks to Restorative Justice who gave me a chance to not have a criminal record. I had a mentor that trusted me and believed in me. We would meet up for coffee and talk. He made me feel at ease and we became friends. I now hold down a full-time job, and I have a girlfriend and a wonderful family who supported me every inch of the way.

I was very lucky and I never want to let anyone down again. I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I did donating them to this program.”

-An RJ Client

“I had the unique opportunity to work with Restorative Justice when a young boy threatened the safety of the people in my business through a prank call…I am very thankful for Restorative Justice as if they were not there to facilitate this process, I would not have felt closure on an incident that was disturbing to my business and staff.  I also saw how it benefited the boy who was in the wrong be able to learn from his mistake and grow from it, which is truly the best case scenario. All of this was possible because of Restorative Justice and its amazing volunteers.  Thank you.”

-Local business owner