Classroom Conversations

Restorative Circles are a framework for building community and for responding to challenging behavior through respectful dialogue, engaging activities, coming to an understanding, and repairing harm. Practicing restorative circles consistently in schools will help to create safer, and more focused classrooms.

Teachers who use these methods often find that the overall proportion of time dedicated to managing behavior is significantly reduced. This means more instructional time becomes available. It also means that students (and teachers) have happier, more peaceful experiences during school.

Emotional Management- Ability to be aware of both negative and positive emotions, as well as display emotions in a healthy way.

Empathy- Relating to others with acceptance, understanding, and sensitivity to their diverse perspectives and experiences.

Teamwork- Abilities to collaborate and coordinate action with others.

Responsibility- Dispositions and abilities to reliably meet commitments and fulfill obligations.

Initiative- Capacity to take action, sustain motivation, and persevere through challenges, towards desired goals.

Problem Solving- Abilities to plan, organize, and resolve conflict among peers.

Reduce misbehavior, violence, bullying, and suspensions

Increase instructional time, safety, and attendance

Improve relationships and attitudes among students, staff, administrators, and the community

Less time away from school has been proven to lower property crime rates and mischief complaints

I have students who have been previously disengaged, participating more than ever.

I really enjoyed and was pleasantly surprised by the insights my students had surrounding some of the topics.

I think they enjoyed very much having the opportunity for speaking and being heard. I was somewhat surprised by some of the insights and sharing that came from this group.
It is so amazing, I wish it were in every class, it creates a special environment, I hope it can become a standard in all schools.

Thank you so much for this program! I highly recommend it to my colleagues!

The weekly routine of checking in and being comfortable sharing their thoughts and feeling others was valuable.

I like that I have a chance to speak and be heard.

I like to hear the different perspectives from my classmates

I have more in common with other kids in my class than I ever knew

I liked talking about each other because then you learn more about the people around you

I liked getting to know each other and that we could express our feelings

I like the activities and learning about other people’s opinions.

I learned about other’s feelings, that everyone matters and people have different opinions

We expressed ourselves and talked freely without the feeling of judgment.

It was a fun way to connect with classmates

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