Restorative Response is a program that diverts cases from the traditional court system. 

Our program has two purposes:

1. For individuals to take responsibility for their actions and make amends

2. For victims to have a voice and a choice in the outcomes of their cases. 

Satisfaction in restorative justice outcomes are much higher for both parties than what is seen in traditional court settings.

Our referrals come from a variety of places within the community including: RCMP, Loss Prevention Officers (LPOs), Chilliwack School District #33, and a variety of nonprofit organizations. We may also take referrals from other groups within the community.  

Contact us, and we can discuss how to best work on your unique situation.

An example of how referrals can work:

We receive a case referral. We check to make sure that the case meets our standards.  If it does, we proceed. 

Next, we call both the victim(s) and those responsible.  We must get agreement from both parties to proceed, and the responsible party admit their culpability.  

We meet with both parties and discuss the events. This is done with the understanding that all information given is held in strictest confidentiality.

If both parties are still willing to move forward, we will facilitate a meeting at a neutral meeting ground.

How these meetings are structured depends on the case, but an agreement is reached either between the two parties or the responsible party and a panel. A mentor is assigned to help the responsible person complete their agreement.

Once the agreement is complete, the case is closed and all parties are notified.