Community Accountability Panel


The Community Accountability Panel (CAP) is used when the victim agrees to the referral but chooses not to participate in the Community Justice Forum.  Three trained volunteers are utilized to guide the offenders and their supporters through the resolution process.  The circumstances of the offence are discussed as well as any other relevant issues that arise.  The participants and the panel members agree on the resolution.


The following criteria must be met before the case is deemed suitable for a CAP:

  1. The victim must be in agreement with the CAP
  2. The offender must accept responsibility and be willing to actively participate


Chilliwack Restorative Justice contacts the victim(s) and confirms that they agree to the referral but choose not to participate.  A victim impact statement and any suggestions for a Resolution Agreement are requested. The offender is then contacted (and their guardians, if applicable) to set up a meeting with the panel.  The proceedings are explained and a meeting date and time are scheduled. At the meeting, the offender is asked to tell, in their own words, what happened, and committee members will ask questions as necessary. Once the committee believes all issues have been fully discussed, the conditions of the Resolution Agreement are discussed and agreed upon by all parties. A volunteer mentor will be assigned to do the follow-up with the offender and will act as a liaison between them and Chilliwack Restorative justice until the Resolution Agreement is completed.  The mentor follows up regularly with phone calls and visits.


When a Resolution Agreement has been completed, the offender is invited to attend a second-panel meeting accompanied by their mentor.  The individual is asked to review his/her specific restorative agreement and experience with the program. They are also given a letter of completion and all parties are asked to provide comments on the process by completing an evaluation.