Executive Director

Amanda joined Restorative Justice in November 2017. She holds a Nonprofit Management Associate Certificate (BCIT), a BSc in Public Management (Colorado State University) and a Restorative Justice Certificate (SFU). 


Restorative Response Coordinator

Rose joined Restorative Justice in April 2018. She recently retired from over 30 years of working as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst with various police agencies. She holds a BA and MA in Criminology from Simon Fraser University. 


Program Coordinator

Sara joined Restorative Justice as a practicum student in January 2019. She took up a place in the Classroom Conversation program and now helps coordinate the programs while finishing her Criminal Justice degree. 


School Program Coordinator 

Rylee began as a summer student in May 2017. She then was hired onto the team to work as a Schools Program Facilitator in September 2017. During this time Rylee was trained in all the Response Programs. In April of 2019 she became the Schools Program Coordinator and has been doing that ever since.


Classroom Facilitator (on contract)

Barb Presseau enjoyed working in the social service field for over 35 years, supporting countless families and child care providers. After retiring Barb and hubby John spent a year and a half living in Thailand and traveling throughout Asia. In her spare time Barb writes, reads, RV's and spends time with family and friends. Not quite ready for full retirement yet, Barb brings RJ her wealth of experience, her positive nature and her genuine love of children.




Mike joined the Board in 2016. He was an Edmonton Police Service officer for 26 years, now retired. He operated an investigation business for 14 years. Mike joined Restorative Justice to keep in touch with the CJS and learn more about the motivations behind perpetrators, as he also volunteers with the Restorative Response program. 



Jim Simmill retired from the RCMP in 2014 having spent the majority of his career in the Chilliwack area.  After he retired, Jim received his certification as a mediator through the Justice Institute of BC Conflict Resolution program.  Jim is an active facilitator with Chilliwack Restorative Justice and is a board member with the organization.



Tom joined the Board in 2016. He retired from working at Fraser Health in 2016 and also was on the Chilliwack Community Services Board. He has much experience working with those struggling with addictions; so he brings great empathy to the team. 



Dan joined the Board in September 2016. He is presently serving as the Chair of the Chilliwack School Board. He is passionate about youth and rehabilitation of youth in the Criminal Justice System. 



Rhys joined Restorative Justice as a board member In April 2019. While working full time as an advisor at Envision, a local credit union in Chilliwack she was able to find a suitable volunteer opportunity with Restorative Justice. She studied Criminology in University and has always been interested in law and helping others. 



Kassia joined Chilliwack Restorative Justice as a practicum student in 2018. Throughout university, she saw inadequacies in our current CJS. She became passionate about alternative measures and saw restorative justice as being an important option. She wants to do her part in supporting Chilliwack Restorative Justice and their hard-working team in their climb to become a more recognized part of the justice system. 



Sherry Mumford joined the Board in November 2018. She has a PhD in Criminology [SFU] and has worked in the criminal justice, substance use and mental health fields with adults and youth. She retired in 2017 from her position as the Fraser Health Director of Mental Health and Substance Use. Presently, she works as a private consultant. Sherry is a great fan of restorative justice in practice and hopes to be part of making the community more aware of its benefits.



Suzy was a Paramedic for almost ten years and began volunteering with Chilliwack Restorative Justice in 2019. She is a mom of two and is currently studying towards a degree in Integrated Studies, with a minor in Sociology. She has always been interested in restorative justice practices and the potential emotional healing that can take place for the victim as well as the offender throughout the process. Suzy finds her volunteer position with Chilliwack Restorative Justice very rewarding.



Edna has been on the Board since 2016.  After retirement as a School District Administrator, she served on the Victoria Restorative Justice Board, as well as chairing the Governance and Operations Subcommittee. Since joining the Board, Edna has chaired the Policy, Procedures, Evaluation and Training Subcommittee creating the foundations.  As well, Edna has dedicated her time to casework as a  facilitator. More recently, Edna has taken the lead on the Project Impact team, which has been working to design an evaluation framework. As an educator, counsellor, mediator and leader, she is committed to her involvement with restorative justice by offering her skills, time and passion to supporting, strengthening and promoting RJ principles in the Chilliwack community. 




Darlene started on the Board in 2012. She presently works as the Chilliwack and Agassiz RCMP Victim Services Coordinator. She is dedicated to the community and is a past Chilliwack school trustee. Darlene spends her free time baking and loving her grandchildren.



Rob recently joined the Board. He has been an RCMP officer for 19 years, with current experience working with youth in schools and was a part of the community police team in Langley. 



Brennan was born and raised in Chilliwack and recently graduated from Chilliwack Secondary School in June 2020. He got involved with restorative justice because he wanted to put his passion for community building into action. An organization so focused on restoring the harm done to our communities was the perfect place to pour out his passion, by helping in Classroom Circles and planning fundraisers. 


Raelyn is a fourth-year criminal justice student at UFV. She joined Chilliwack Restorative Justice as a practicum student in 2019 and has since chosen to stay as a volunteer. Raelyn has personal and professional experience with at-risk youth and is passionate about igniting change in the justice system, beginning with the more frequent use of alternative measures like restorative justice. 


Taylor became involved with Chilliwack Restorative Justice in 2017 as a summer student. After learning about the benefits of utilizing a restorative approach, she felt strongly about the importance of restorative justice in the community. She continued her involvement with Chilliwack Restorative Justice through participation in the Classroom Conversations and Restorative Response programs. Taylor completed her BA in Psychology with honours in June 2020 and has received certification in Victim-Offender Conferencing and Mental Health First Aid.


Erza has a BA in Criminology and is beginning her Masters in Public Administration with the University of Victoria this fall. As a family law paralegal and social services supervised access worker, she offers a unique depth of understanding in the complexity of the lives of children and adults. Erza first became involved in a fundraising capacity and then later progressed to roles such as mentor and co-facilitator for Victim Offender Conferences and Community Accountability Panels. Erza is passionate about helping those in needs and finds the Restorative Justice program to be just as rewarding to volunteers as it is to clients. 


Bridgette joined Restorative Justice in January 2019. She recently graduated with a diploma in Social Services and is planning to get her degree. She has much experience working with at-risk individuals and homeless. As a grandmother of seven, she wants to make a difference in the world and greatly enjoys the volunteering she does with Chilliwack Restorative Justice. 


Dick has been a volunteer with Chilliwack Restorative Justice since its inception, last century. He gets great a satisfaction from making a positive difference in the lives of both victims and offenders. Dick enjoys being outside and taking advantage of the spectacular BC surroundings. He likes to plant trees, but also enjoys chopping them down and making all manner of wooden stuff.


Ken has been involved with restorative justice for 6 years, here and at Courtenay, BC.  He is married (53 years) with 2 children and 7 grandchildren.  Ken worked overseas for 3 years, then in Canada at the college/university level; ran his own business; served as pastor of a church; and now works as a part time chaplain at Kent institution. Ken earned a Phd in Physics and was awarded an honourary membership in the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC.


Judy is a long-term resident of Chilliwack with experience in teaching, social work, counselling and recently graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley with my BA in Adult Education.  She is currently working on her master’s degree at Athabasca University in Interdisciplinary Studies and a double minor in Community Studies and Equity Studies. 


Ashley Nicol works as an institutional parole officer for the Correctional Service of Canada. She started volunteering with Chilliwack Restorative Justice in January 2015, while working towards her BA in Criminology. She appreciates the principles of restorative justice that provide all parties a voice in the process. Ashley has over five years of experience in case management interventions, working with at-risk populations and connecting with community partners.


Alex joined Chilliwack Restorative Justice as UFV practicum student in September 2019. She loves what the organization stands for and does for the Chilliwack community. She has worked on a pilot project for vulnerable communities in Chilliwack, facilitated Classroom Circles and sits as a Co-Lead Facilitator on Community Accountability Panels. She brings a love for research and willingness to support the principles that Chilliwack Restorative Justice holds.


Ashley started volunteering at Chilliwack Restorative Justice because of her interest in the criminal justice field. Though her path in life has changed, she still enjoys the work she does with this group of amazing people. She encourages anyone with time to spare to check it out, even for a little bit. 


Stacey is a new volunteer with the Chilliwack Restorative Justice. Her background is in the environmental field, where she has spent time teaching students about nature and fish.  Stacey is looking forward to participating in the Classroom Conversations program and other activities in the community.


Karen began volunteering in 2011 and after taking a few years off, she is back and ready to help us again! She has a BA in Psychology from UBC and now works for the Correctional Service of Canada. She was involved in the restorative justice processes in correctional facilities and enjoys volunteering, travel and playing racquet sports. 


Helma comes with an extensive background in social services and is currently pursuing a Master's in Social Work at UFV. She became involved in restorative justice in September 2019, when completing her practicum and discovered that restorative justice values are entwined with social work. Helma capitalizes on her social work skill set to provide empathetic, person centred support.


Robert's interest in Chilliwack Restorative Justice began in 2011. He served as a Director and Treasurer on the Board for 4 years. He saw a system that could truly repair and restore versus just punishing. He also worked as a case worker with Chilliwack RCMP Victim Services for 7 years. He is presently a Family Law Advocate for Chilliwack Community Services. 



Peter volunteered with Restorative Justice as a facilitator and mentor from February 2017 - September 2019. Peter was a devoted family man and a true friend to many. He was a champion for labor rights and was vice President of Telecommunications Workers Union before his retirement in 2007.

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