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A crime prevention solution for vulnerable people (those aging out of Foster Care, those experiencing homelessness, and Seniors) to prosper through awareness on community and legal resources, services and support.

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Youth Aging out of Foster Care

  • at the age of 18, those in Foster Care no longer receive support from Foster parents and often find themselves without  stable community support due to mental health challenges and drug addictions. 

  • young people leaving government care died at five times the rate of the general population of young people in British Columbia

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Those Experiencing Homelessness

  • many youth and adults struggle with personal and financial circumstances that have plaed them without a steady place to live.

  • A visible vulnerable group seen by the public as a “nuisance” who are dangerous, addicted to drugs, or struggling with mental illness. 

  • Those experiencing homelessness often commit crimes as a last resort for survival.

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  • the single biggest proportion (26%) of homeless respondents fell in the age category 50 years and older.

  • Seniors become lonely and depressed when they do not have a healthy environment to rely on.

  • Often they do not meet the necessary requirements to receive funding, or need assistance to receive their required funding. 

Crime Prevention Solutions:

Circle Programs

5-week preventative circle program involving open conversations and group activities focusing on restorative values and such as emotional regulation; positive community role models; empathy; and mental health concerns.

Supportive Environment

Group participants will each have an opportunity to freely share their personal challenges and accomplishments in a safe and supportive environment.

The Facilitator will cultivate a community circle in which every participant will feel heard, seen and respected.


Upon completion of the 5-week program, participants will have identified some positive coping strategies; encouraging relationship tools; and helpful resources to support them during stressful times in their life.


Those Experiencing

"Meeting others and hearing their stories, also knowing you are not the only one with these issues was very satisfying."


"Learning that I am not alone and the personal sharing, a wonderful program for seniors."

John Martin, MLA, 2020

The organization has been very successful in connecting youth with their community, providing mentorship for young offenders, providing a forum for victims and facilitating the payment of monetary restitution to victims by the offenders. 

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Restorative Justice can only be involved through the RCMP or School Administration (VP, Counsellor, Youth Care Worker)

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