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Your Community Bike Shop. 
Restoring bikes while restoring relationships.

We Sell Refurbished Bikes and work towards building a safer city.

Why Restorative Cycle?

At Restorative Cycle, we don’t just refurbish and sell bikes; we create opportunities to repair harm and prevent crime in Chilliwack and the Upper Fraser Valley Region.


Every bike we sell helps support the incredible life-changing programs of Chilliwack Restorative Justice. That’s in schools and the community.


Find out how buying a refurbished bike helps bring restorative justice to people in Chilliwack.

Contact Restorative Cycle


9282 Main St Chilliwack, BC

V2P 4M5 (beside RBC)


Opening Hours


3:00 pm -6:00 pm


10am - 2:00 pm

Drop off or purchase bikes during store hours or text us: 778-933-6847

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Chilliwack Restorative Justice has been life changing and definitely healing.

— Person Responsible


My life is arguably so much better after this entire experience not only career-wise but in teaching me how to approach every situation with everyone one else's interests in mind.

— Person Responsible

I am very thankful for Chilliwack Restorative Justice because if they were not there to facilitate this process I would not have felt closure on an incident that was disturbing to my business and staff.

— Person Harmed

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