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Your Community Bike Shop. Sales and Service.

We Sell Refurbished Bikes and work towards building a safer city.
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Serve at the Bike Shop and impact the community!
Bike Shop Associate
Repairing bikes.
Restoring relationships.

Safety Check

Wash bike

Inspection and report

Torque cheque

Brake check

Tire inflation 

test ride

Tune Up

Safety Check+

Adjustments of brakes, shifters, and bearings

Lubrication of drivetrain components

Wheel truing

Parts Replacement

Parts will vary with options of new or used. Necessary parts replacement will be included in the report.

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Mountain Bikers

Donate a Bike(s)

Text a picture of the bike and serial number to our shop and we will reply within a week: 778-933-7467

At the Bike Shop

Need a Bike(s)/


We service and prepare bikes for those in need. The Lion's Club has donated helmets for us to give. Fill out the form to apply for yourself or someone else

Why Restorative Cycle?

At Restorative Cycle, we don’t just refurbish and sell bikes; we create opportunities to repair harm and prevent crime in Chilliwack and the Upper Fraser Valley Region.


Every bike we sell helps support the incredible life-changing programs of Chilliwack Restorative Justice. That’s in schools and the community.


Find out how buying a refurbished bike helps bring restorative justice to people in Chilliwack.

Contact Restorative Cycle


45835 Spadina Ave

Chilliwack, BC

V2P 1T4

Access via double doors on Main St.


Opening Hours


3:00 pm -6:00 pm

Drop off or purchase bikes during store hours or text us: 778-933-6847


10am - 2:00 pm

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Chilliwack Restorative Justice has been life changing and definitely healing.

— Person Responsible


My life is arguably so much better after this entire experience not only career-wise but in teaching me how to approach every situation with everyone one else's interests in mind.

— Person Responsible

I am very thankful for Chilliwack Restorative Justice because if they were not there to facilitate this process I would not have felt closure on an incident that was disturbing to my business and staff.

— Person Harmed

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