Creating a Culture of Restorative Justice.

Partner with Us to Repair Harm and Prevent Crime in Schools
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Teachers, counsellors, youth care workers, and students responding to and preventing harm and violent behaviour with circle-led conversations.
We equip students and teachers to restore relationships through Classroom Conversations and Restorative Circles.
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Classroom Peace Circles

Encourages healthy relationships and communication skills that help students face daily challenges and barriers.

  1. Create change and build connections among students, staff, and parents through focused dialogue on friendships, self-esteem, perspective, inclusion, acceptance, differences, and compassion.

  2. Release the stigma of asking for help

  3. Celebrate students who act with compassion and kindness and foster students in developing conflict management skills.

  4. Every month a restorative value is learned and applied in corporation with the teachers and curriculum to each classroom (25 students).

  5. Created for students in gr. 1 - 8.

Young Teen Model

Restorative Circles

Help those who make the wrong choice learn from their experiences to create healthy communication and relationship skills.

  1. When a conflict occurs in a school, and before a police file is created, a Restorative Circle takes place in an attempt to repair the harm between offender(s) and victim(s).

  2. Parents, guardians and supports for students, CRJ, and school  administration form the  Restorative Circle.

  3. A resolution agreement is formed between the school and the student(s).

  4. Restorative values are incorporated to promote healthy relationships.

  5. Each school can utilize Restorative Circles 3 times a month. 

  6. created for students gr 6-12.


I have students who have been previously disengaged participating more than ever.

— Teacher


I really enjoyed and was pleasantly surprised by the insights my students had surrounding some of the topics.

— Teacher

I learned about other's feelings, that everyone matters, and people have different opinions.

— Student