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Creating a Culture of Restorative Justice.

Partner with Us to Repair Harm and Prevent Crime in Schools
College Friends
Teachers, counsellors, youth care workers, and students responding to and preventing harm and violent behaviour with circle-led conversations.
We equip students and teachers to restore relationships through Classroom Conversations and Restorative Circles.
Classroom Conversations
Classroom Conversations

With a focus on developing listening, communication, and conflict-resolution skills, Classroom Conversations encourages students to build awareness, create healthy relationships, and overcome daily challenges.

Ideal for students in Grades 4 to 8.


  • Students work together in circles where everyone has a chance to be heard. Each circle session is a safe environment for sharing and storytelling.


  • Leaders encourage students, staff, and parents to build connections through conversations about friendship, self-esteem, perspective, inclusion, acceptance, differences, and compassion.

  • Students learn to release the stigma of asking for help; those who act with compassion and kindness are celebrated.

Image by Tim Mossholder
Restorative Circles

When a student makes a wrong choice, Restorative Circles helps them learn from their experiences and practice healthy communication and relationship skills. Ideal for students in Grades 4 to 12.


  • When conflict occurs at school, a Restorative Circle can help repair the harm before a police file is opened.


  • Those responsible and those harmed, accompanied by their supporters, school reps, family members, and restorative justice facilitators, form a Restorative Circle to resolve conflict and agree on a resolution.


  • Restorative Circles encourages students to see each other’s perspectives, take responsibility, and work toward reconciliation.

Restorative Circles

I have students who have been previously disengaged participating more than ever.

— Teacher


I really enjoyed and was pleasantly surprised by the insights my students had surrounding some of the topics.

— Teacher

I learned about other's feelings, that everyone matters, and people have different opinions.

— Student

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