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Ride Home w/Operation Red Nose
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Call for a Ride

Please provide a cell phone number, where possible, when asking for a ride. Please have your party ready for transport at the designated time and location. Please be patient, we will respond to your request as soon as possible.

A Team of Volunteers to Drive you home

Once you’ve made your call, a team of 3 volunteers will come meet you and drive you home in your own vehicle within Chilliwack. The service is available  to any person that is not fit to drive their own vehicle, providing the client has a motor vehicle at the time the service is requested. 

A Donation that goes a long way

Operation Red Nose is a by donation confidential driving service. Operation Red Nose is also a crowdfunding campaign for more than 100 non-profit organizations with a mission to support youth education or amateur sport. 

a call that saves lives

Choosing Operation Red Nose is a smart decision! By choosing our (safe ride service*), you contribute to help make roads safer for everyone during the holiday season.

  • To access the service, dial (TBD) between 8:30pm-2:30am on one of our operating nights. 


  • 2022 Operating Dates:

  • Friday November 25

  • Saturday November 26

  • Friday December 02

  • Saturday December 03

  • Friday December 09

  • Saturday December 10

  • Friday December 16

  • Saturday December 17

  • Saturday, December 31


  • Planning A party?

  • If you are planning an office or private party on one of our operating nights please contact us and reserve your party with us at:


  • Telephone: 


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