From the Restorative Response Program

I felt I was at the absolute lowest part of my life when I reached out to you guys and now, just after one week  I have hope, I feel like my bubbly level headed self, I don't have that ugly heavy feeling anymore. I felt as if I was walking around with an axe over my head waiting to drop. For people to have so much trust in me again and to make me feel valid, I cannot thank everyone enough for this. Chilliwack RJ program has been life changing and definitely healing.

January, 2021

The seven days after my arrest, I would consider probably the worst week of my life. I was just about to start my third year of schooling and suddenly my whole future had this massive record i didn’t think id have any way of overcoming. I was terrified and lost and honestly had no idea where to even turn to. Restorative justice found and contacted me, and this group of volunteers decided to dedicate their time in giving me a second chance. Not only did I get the opportunity to make up with those I directly affected. Restorative justice also allowed me to give back to the community in a way that directly related to my schooling and hopeful future. Honestly my life is arguably so much better after this entire experience not only career wise but in teaching me how to approach every situation with everyone one else's interests in mind. If you get this opportunity, you'd be crazy not to follow through!

April, 2019

I had the unique opportunity to work with Restorative Justice when a young boy threatened the safety of the people in my business through a prank call.  The people at Restorative Justice provided me with a way to resolve the conflict and bring about some closure with it.  They supported me and the boy and his family through the whole process.  We participated in a meeting arbitrated by Restorative Justice.  The volunteers there were so kind and caring for all parties involved.  Their facilitation of the events and the final result had both parties happily settled.  I am very thankful for Restorative Justice as if they were not there to facilitate this process I would not have felt closure on an incident that was disturbing to my business and staff.  I also saw how it benefited the boy who was in the wrong be able to learn from him mistake and grow from it which is truly the best case scenario.  All of this was possible because of Restorative Justice and its amazing volunteers.  Thank you.

September 2017

I have always enjoyed the art of graffiti .I found it very interesting and it intrigued me. I started to follow Graffiti artists on the internet, buying books on it and practicing drawing for hours in my bedroom. It led me to get involved with others that also found this as amazing as I did.Sadly instead of keeping it on paper and as an art I was involved in defacing a building …..which I deeply regret. I paid the price to correct my ways and thanks to Restorative Justice who gave me a chance to not have a criminal record. I had a mentor that trusted me and believed in me. We would meet up for coffee and talk. He made me feel at ease and we became friends.I now hold down a full-time job, I have a girlfriend and a wonderful family who supported me every inch of the way. I was very lucky and I never want to let anyone down again. I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I did donating them to this program.

December 2013

Sadly, instead of keeping it [graffiti] on paper and as an art, I was involved in defacing a building, which I deeply regret...Thanks to Restorative Justice who gave me a chance to not have a criminal record. I had a mentor that trusted me and believed in me. We would meet up for coffee and talk. He made me feel at ease and we became friends. I now hold down a full-time job, and I have a girlfriend and a wonderful family who supported me every inch of the way. 

June, 2012

From the Classroom Conversation Circles

I learned about other’s feelings, that everyone matters and people have different opinions.

We expressed ourselves and talked freely without the feeling of judgment.

I learned how to get out of my comfort zone and be honest with my feelings.


I like that we can talk openly expressing our feelings and play games and that lets off a lot of stress.

I have students who have been previously disengaged, participating more than ever.

I really enjoyed and was pleasantly surprised by the insights my students had surrounding some of the topics.

It is so amazing, I wish it were in every class, it creates a special environment, I hope it can become a standard in all schools.

From the Senior's Communities Without Borders Circles
Describe what you liked about the program:
"Meeting others and hearing their stories, also knowing you are not the only one with these issues was very satisfying."
"Genuine talk about life experience from everyone, I learned other ways to deal with any subject. Got me out to the center so I did not isolate."
"Gave me an occasion for conversation and self discovery."
"Learning that I am not alone and the personal sharing, a wonderful program for seniors."
November 2020


The Chilliwack Restorative Justice and Youth Advocacy Association has been instrumental in processing referrals and educating those involved in criminal offences at the Chilliwack Real Canadian Superstore. On behalf of the Loss Prevention Department at Superstore we would like to thank the Restorative Justice Association for all of their hard work and assistance over the years while handling referrals generated by the Chilliwack Superstore for theft incidents. We find that processing files and referring individuals to this program has assisted us greatly in the [many ways]. 

Real Canadian Superstore, July 2018

Faculty and staff with the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice have partnered with outstanding professionals in the field to create the best practicum experience possible for its students. The School works to ensure that its graduates are professionally positioned for careers in criminal justice and facilitates this by linking students with professionals.

University of the Fraser Valley, June 2020

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is a strong advocate of restorative justice practice and utilizes various community RJ programs throughout the Province.  DFO’s enforcement branch in Chilliwack has created a partnership with the Chilliwack Restorative Justice and intends to refer files to the group in the 2020 season and beyond.  The training and expertise held by this group is vital to our program and other policing and enforcement organizations in the Fraser Valley. 

Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, June 2020

Since 1988, [Chilliwack Restorative Justice] has offered restorative services to over 4,000 people affected by a variety of criminal acts including shop lifting, arson, assault, theft, break and enter, vandalism and mischief. The organization has been very successful in connecting youth with their community, providing mentorship for young offenders, providing a forum for victims and facilitating the payment of monetary restitution to victims by the offenders. 

John Martin, MLA, June 2020