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Guided Goal Setting for Healthy Living

Partner with Us to Repair Harm and Prevent Crime in the Community
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Trained Mentors intentionally supporting Responsible Parties who are willing to work towards a healthy lifestyle in a one-on-one relationship as part of their resolution agreement
The Restorative Mentorship program provides the Responsible Party with a Mentor after the Restorative Circle dialogue. 
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Classroom Conversations
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After the Restorative Circle, the Mentor program provides the Responsible Person with a Mentor who intentionally supports the Responsible Party to set goals for Relationships, Health, Housing, Employment, and Education. The Responsible Person thereby becomes the “Mentee”.


The primary objective of the Mentor program is to strengthen Mentees’ resilience to the risk factors that are known to lead to victimization, violence, and criminal activities. Also, being matched with a responsible, caring adult will enable the Mentee to receive support and encouragement at a time when he/she needs to make restitution or amends to victims or the community. This can increase the likelihood that the Mentee will complete the resolution agreement successfully and will not re-offend. 


Mentees can be involved in the crime based Restorative Response or from the Restorative Response in the Schools of the Upper Fraser Valley. The Mentors serve as consistent and positive role models who plan one-to-one activities that will provide the Mentee they are assigned to work with, with opportunities to experience success and achievement. 

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  • Near the end of the final Restorative Circle, the Responsible Party will be introduced to the Mentor program by the Mentor and receive a Mentorship Package to take home.

  • The Mentor will follow-up within the week to further explain the Mentoring process and begin to the support.

  • For a minimum of 3 months:

    • Intentional weekly connection through texting or phone calls to create consistency. 

    • Intentional monthly (minimum) IN PERSON connection to establish a trusting relationship. 

  • After 3 months the mentorship is evaluated by the Mentor and Mentee:

    • to ensure all involved are being supported in a safe and encouraging manner​

    • provide the option to continue or end the mentorship. 

  • After 12 months, the Mentorship ends with the Responsible Party living offence free and a positive part of the community.

Restorative Circles
What we do as Mentors
Mentor Accomplishments

My Mentor shared experiences with me which helped me a lot to make a positive path in my life.

                                                     - Mentee


My relationship with my Mentee gives me hope that those involved in crime can be a positive part of the community.

                                                             - Mentor

Even with all the challenges going in my Mentee's life, I can notice a positive difference in their life.

                                                             - Mentor

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